An Interview with Emily Frosaker, Owner of Dry/Shop Blow-Dry Bar & Boutique


I recently sat down with Emily Frosaker, owner of Dry/Shop, Midtown’s future blow-dry bar and boutique.  She’s a 20-something visionary with amazing taste, drive and interest in the community. Her first business promises to deliver women a luxurious experience with affordable prices in one of the most up-and-coming areas of Oklahoma City.

V:            Dry/Shop is opening very soon.  Do you have a set opening date?

EF:             As of right now, it looks like we will be opening sometime in July. It has been very exciting, and also very scary. Today, I went in to check on the construction and it all felt very real. I love seeing it all come together finally but I also know that I have a million things to get done within the next month before we open.

V:            What made you decide to leave your “desk job” and start your own business?

EF:            I’ve always known I was not meant to sit at a desk. Someone once explained it in a way to me that was something along the lines of, “You don’t like sitting at a desk because it’s like someone telling you to fit in a box.” That resonated with me. I’ve never been the type to “fit in a box”.

V:             Speaking of thinking out of the box, what sets your business apart from the other blow-dry bars?

EF:             Most importantly, Dry/Shop is not only a blow-dry bar, it’s also a boutique. We carry clothing, gifts, fragrance and accessories. I think the other thing that makes us different is the design of the space. Fitzsimmons Architects has really created something special and I think people are really going to love the design. Although, I don’t think Brian Fitzsimmons loved the idea of me having pink countertops, haha! They have done an amazing job with the design, I really can’t say enough about them. I wanted it to be a place that was a full experience. Somewhere that you and your girlfriends can get pampered, hang out and find an awesome dress in one place. The environment will be upbeat, colorful and hopefully everyone who comes in will leave feeling like they received the best service and had a great time.

V:              I hear your sister, Caroline, is part owner.

EF:             Yes! She will also do full service (cut and color) in a separate stylist loft at Dry/Shop.

V:             Is it a franchise? Is it its own entity?

EF:            Dry/Shop is not a franchise. Although I looked into blow-dry bar franchises, I decided to create my own. Eventually, I hope to open more locations.

V:       Why would someone come get their hair blown dry?

EF:            I love this question. I get asked this all the time. I will just say this: You won’t ask why after you try. I think most women who have been to a blow-dry bar will agree with that statement.

V:            How did you settle on a style/brand/logo/interior design for your store?

EF:            Choosing my graphic design/branding company was something I spent a lot of time on. I decided to go with a local company called Braid Creative & Consulting, and it was the best decision ever. They didn’t just give me a logo, but instead gave me all sorts of exercises about who my dream customer is and how I wanted people to feel when they walked in etc. I wanted an image and a vibe. They gave me that. My photography was done by my dear friend, Cary Holton (Cary Anne Photography). The shoot was so stressful…getting all the props organized etc., but I was so pleased with the way it turned out. She is mega talented. My friend Ronda Williams (Melrose Makeup) did the makeup for the shoot also. I think incorporating what Braid Creative gave me and the Cary’s photos really helped set the tone of what Dry/Shop is all about which is having fun, and feeling good on the inside and the outside.

Q:            You have a great sense of style. What/who are you inspired by?

EF:            Hmm…I grew up being in a retail store when my mom owned Allyson’s Closet, so I’ve always loved clothes. I don’t think I have one “fashion icon”. I’m more inspired by the clothes more than famous people who wear them.

Q:            Will the clothes at Dry/Shop cater to your style or something different?

EF:            This has been one of the more challenging parts of opening a clothing store. At market, I had to remember that I wasn’t shopping for me. A lot of what’s in the store is very much my style, but I truly have something for everyone. We have anything from House of Harlow 1960 jewelry and sunglasses to basic white t-shirts by Michael Lauren (these are the softest t-shirts by the way. I could live in them).

Q:            What will the price ranges be like?

EF:            A basic blow-out and style is $35, and then we have additional add-ons for deep conditioning treatments or scalp massage etc. The clothing ranges anywhere from $30-$150 for a dress. I’d say that my higher-end brands are not out of reach.

Q:            I’ve already had the pleasure of trying out the Dry/Shop styling products and am obsessed with the smoothing spray.  What’s your favorite product that you carry?

EF:            My favorite products from the Blowpro line we carry are the dry shampoo and hairspray. The hairspray smells SO GOOD and doesn’t feel like you have a heavy hairspray-coated feeling on your hair, if that makes sense.

V:            Is it exciting that you will be next to your boyfriend’s new restaurant (Waffle Champion). Most importantly, will we be able to eat waffles why we get our hair done??

EF:            Yes! It has been interesting to go through this process together, and I think we have both learned a lot. Waffle Champion and Dry/Shop are the bottom units of the 1212 building, but we actually have a common area hallway for both spaces with restrooms etc. You can actually enter Waffle Champion through Dry/Shop and vise versa. So, the answer is YES, you can eat a waffle while getting your hair done if you’d like!

V:            Where can we follow your progress and learn more about Dry/Shop?

EF:            Follow us at:


Instagram: @dryshop

Twitter: @DRY_SHOP





2 thoughts on “An Interview with Emily Frosaker, Owner of Dry/Shop Blow-Dry Bar & Boutique

  1. Very informative and interesting interview. It should answer any questions someone might have about this “new concept” business!

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